Helping you to train staff and build awareness of child protection is a major strength of GCPS and it's team of highly skilled and experienced child protection trainers.

Programmes staff may well need support with child rights, rights based approaches and programming for protection in general and in specific situations such as emergencies.

Agencies must also ensure that staff and others are clear about what is expected of them in line with their 

child protection policies and procedures. Staff need to be aware of the problem of child abuse, the protection risks and issues that exist for children and their responsibilities to protect children and prevent abuse.

What training do we need?

GCPS can help determine the kind of training that is right for you by conducting a Training Needs Analysis and working with you to develop a training and learning strategy that will support the needs of your organisation.

What if we already know what we want?

GCPS has something for everyone and can deliver training packages (read about some recent training events) designed to meet typical needs of aid and development organisations, for example: 

  • Foundation child protection training (introductory course)
  • Advanced training (for designated child protection staff)
  • Training of Trainers
  • Management training
  • investigators training

What else is available?

GCPS can work with you to develop any kind of training or learning package to meet your needs in relation to programming or policy.

Contact GCPS to make a request for services and to discuss your organisation's child protection training needs

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