Staff care

Painful experiences

Dealing with child protection incidents is always difficult and often distressing. GCPS can support agencies in responding to child protection situations, through investigations for example. Where these cases involve staff it is even more important to involve the right people at the right time.

You have a duty of care to all staff and associates involved in any child protection case and it is essential that you consider what supports they may need, whether they are witnesses, immediate colleagues of the alleged perpetrator, those tasked with investigating the allegations. Even the alleged perpetrator has support needs and, as a member of staff, you have a duty of care to provide for that person.

Coping with stress

GCPS can support you to support your staff by providing expert advice as well as counselling and healing interventions to deal with all the consequences of a serious child protection incident within your organisation.

Individuals and teams may need stress or trauma counselling, debriefs or simply the opportunity to offload about their experiences whatever their involvement has been. GCPS has skilled, qualified and experienced consultants that can help to heal the situations you may have to deal with.

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