Policies and procedures

Whatever stage you are at in putting child protection measures in place, GCPS can offer sound, practical advice and assistance to make sure you meet you are fully meeting your responsibilities to keep children safe. 

Policy development

Developing a child protection policy is usually the first step for most organisations when it comes to putting in place safeguards for children. Going through a policy development process that is inclusive and consultative is an essential part of this exercise. 

This results in a good quality product, helps to communicate an organisation's commitment to child protection and also begins to ensure the 'buy-in' necessary to ensure effective implementation.

GCPS supports organisations through this important and often challenging process, providing valuable insights and technical expertise to assist with facilitating the process as well as drafting the document. 


In addition, although a child protection policy is an important first step, a policy is only as good as the way in which it is implemented. Building child protection into an organisation requires a consistent, comprehensive approach across all parts of the agency.

GCPS has extensive experience of developing implementation strategies and plans that support effective implementation of child protection measures across your organisation. GCPS can also offer direct support to agencies in implementing child protection policies and associated measures through the provision of training, for example.

Procedures and guidance

Child protection policies need to be accompanied by other written materials that support effective operation. These include codes of conduct, reporting and responding procedures, and investigation guidelines. GCPS is able to support agencies in developing and implementing these technical documents.


Many agencies will already have policies and procedures in place. It is vital to ensure effective safeguarding of children that these policies are reviewed and updated and that their implementation is assessed. GCPS provides an independent audit and review process that can examine all or any aspect of an organisation's child safeguarding measures.

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