Dealing with incidents

GCPS recommends that organisations make the reporting of child protection incidents a mandatory requirement of all staff and others covered by their child protection policy. It is essential for various reasons that organisations are made aware of any incidents, concerns, suspicions and allegations so that they can then address these issues.

Agencies that introduce child protection policies and other measures should anticipate that the number of incidents reported will increase. Responding appropriately and effectively can be immensely challenging and running child protection investigations is a particularly daunting undertaking.


Agencies should make provisions to run child protection investigations that are as independent and objective as possible. This may involve training internal investigators who can be deployed to follow up on allegations and incidents that arise.

In addition, organisations should identify and engage external investigators who can run completely independent investigations and/or support internal investigators with their experience and technical expertise.

GCPS can provide this experience and expertise to support agencies with the most demanding and complex situations that arise from their commitments to protect children. 

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